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How branded gifts can be the perfect marketing tool for your business

Christmas is the time of exchanging gifts, and whilst your customers are spending money on your products it may be a gesture of good will to bestow them with a free gift for their service.


Promotional gifts have always been a great marketing strategy for building brand recognition, with positive effects recorded on sales. The British Promotional Merchandise Association (BPMA) has shown through research that there is a direct correlation between promotional product advertising and increased brand awareness and sales. A generally cost effective marketing strategy, this form of advertising can demonstrate better ROI (return on investment) than other advertising avenues, especially during the Christmas period.

The type of promotional gift you give is also an important decision to be considered; it is always best to provide your customers with gifts they will keep for the long-haul, so customers are constantly reminded of your brand and anyone that sees the customer using your products. For example, products, such as mugs, branded umbrellas and fancy pens will be kept longer than products such as notebooks or sweets that have a much shorter life span.

Promotional gifts such as customised umbrellas can be a cost-effective marketing tool to get your business name out there on the high street! While many shoppers cannot rely on the rainy weather in Britain they can surely rely on you to provide them with a useful gift! Alternatively, if your business is solely online it may be worth offering a little surprise gift to be included within the delivery to offer a little anticipation for your products to arrive!

Surprisingly, the surveys conducted by the BPMA found that 87% of the study participants kept their promotional item for longer than a year, with around 30% of them holding onto the products for a whopping 4 years! By keeping these products for a long time the recipients could recall the brand name for a long time after receiving the gift. The research conducted by BPMA found that an incredible 94% of participants in the research study said they do not forget the advertiser and the product advertised. Now, that’s what you call ROI!

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