Some people collect shoes because they always want to have the right look for special occasions. But when you’re royalty, you need to look the part at all times and be prepared for all weathers.

No surprise then, that the Queen’s style calls for quality umbrellas that match with every outfit. Even seasoned royal-watchers might not have noticed this before, but take a second look. The iconic domed or bubble umbrella, just right for the royal walkabout is a common feature and monarch’s umbrellas are designed to blend in with the background, and let her be seen, while each one is designed to fit perfectly with the outfit of the day.

The British company who has received the Royal Warrant for supplying Queen Elizabeth with her customised rain protection is Fulton, and if you look back through the media shots of her visits over the years, you’ll spot the subtle features of each umbrella and its twist on the classic hook handle, which is always in keeping with her outfit colour. Sometimes the shade will be a cheery sunshine y4988873234d72f24f217df4dad3f3043ellow, rose pink, or vibrant turquoise. Sometimes a more muted lavender or grey.

Of course, the Queen’s favoured umbrella is famed for its style: a transparent dome that surrounds her and allows her to see out in all directions and to be seen by the public. It makes it easier for the press to get shots of her face, and it makes it easier for her to continue her duties in the unpredictable British weather. Fulton calls this style The Birdcage, and it’s available in a limited range of colours from Lord & Taylor.

As for her Majesty, the seemingly inexhaustible range of umbrella colours available to her in this brand arrive tailor-made to her specifications. Her outfits are planned well ahead of each event, and Fulton will come up with a matching design that fits the bill completely. This means each umbrella really is styled for that day and that look, without looking too formal or fussy.

We can’t all be like the Queen and order our custom-made umbrellas in advance of every event. But we can pay attention to the style lesson, that touches of colour and careful choices of shade and detail will mean an umbrella doesn’t need to be a cumbersome addition to your outfit.

If you have an outfit that needs a matching umbrella, have a look at our competitive range of styles and colours, and take a tip from the Queen.