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The Queen reveals the birdcage as her favourite style of umbrella

Our beloved queen is never caught off guard without a trusty umbrella in the Great British weather, and we could all learn a lot from her choice of brolly choices, maintaining her sophistication, elegance and colour co-ordination at all times.

The queen’s extensive umbrella collection is a thing of beauty, however does not come about without a lot of planning beforehand, with the Queen’s personal assistant and senior dresser coordinating with the umbrella designer to ensure that each and every outfit is perfectly matched with a suiting birdcage umbrella.

“The Queen’s senior dresser usually sends us swatches of material or colour chips for us to match the coloured border on the birdcage umbrellas” commented the CEO of Futon Umbrellas. “Everything we produce for the Queen is bespoke. The specifications are slightly different and the colours are unique and they do not form part of our collection.”

Why is it that the birdcage umbrella is a personal favourite of the queen you ask? A classic style, offering a transparent dome with just a thin element of coloured detail – thinner than your average birdcage umbrella trim – to allow her to be seen by all whilst remaining sheltered from the elements.

The birdcage umbrella has filtered down though the royal family, with Will and Kate also often seen with a trusty umbrella in hand.

Take some inspiration from the royal family and get your very own birdcage umbrella collection to ensure that you are never caught out in the rain!

Image: NASA/Bill Ingalls under Creative Commons

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