The unexpected downpour at the start of the Queen’s season of garden parties held at Buckingham Palace kept people huddling under umbrellas, but the Queen’s dome umbrella, matching her pink outfit, kept the party in a cheery mood.

Both the Queen and Prince Phillip were attending the rather soggy garden party, and were also joined by the Queen’s youngest child, Prince Andrew, along with his wife, the Countess of Wessex. There, the Queen met delegations from all across the world.

The Queen is well known for co-ordinating the transparent dome umbrellas with her outfit when she’s out in the rain on official business, and is always seen carrying her umbrella herself. Her outfit at the garden party consisted of a bright pink coat and matching hat, with her umbrella with a stripe of pink around the brim.

Hopefully the garden parties will see some better weather later this year, as around 8000 guests attend each one, and consume 20,000 sandwiches and slices of cake and even more cups of tea!

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