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Quick and easy wedding cocktails

Everyone loves a cocktail, don’t they? So, what better way to celebrate your wedding than with a few specially chosen cocktails with your friends to mark your big day? Don’t worry if you’re not an expert with a cocktail shaker or you don’t even know your Tequila from your tea. You probably have at least one friend who has dabbled in cocktail making, and happy mistakes in the recipes could be part of the fun.

So, if you want to have a go at the real thing, why not stock up on some cocktail essentials, set up a bar area, and let them rustle up some margaritas while you mingle with your guests. Have healthy supplies of ingredients, and extra ice, cucumber and mint at the ready and you’re all set!

You don’t even have to invest in a whole range of cocktail liqueurs and mixers if that sounds like too much hard work. You could just go for a few readymade bottles to do the job for you. Get yourself a stylish ice bucket or, better still, find a large statement container, fill it with ice cubes, and set those bottles chilling in the afternoon sunshine. Even if the sun isn’t shining, you can dress to impress, set the atmosphere with music - pretend it's August in Ibiza, or a classy London cocktail bar and equip your guests with some personalised umbrellas in case of a down pour.

For maximum convenience, some companies offer pre-bottled shots in a choice of gin, vodka or tequila. But remember, it doesn’t have to be alcoholic. Why not consider some delicious sparkling water options, flavoured with exotic fruits and juices? You might decide to make your own from fresh ingredients, or cut to the chase and order a few flavours of something special like the inspiring range available from With flavours such as pomegranate and grapefruit, your thirsty wedding guests will be refreshed in style.

Oh, and don’t even bother waiting until the wedding. Enjoy cocktails at your engagement party. If you need an excuse, just tell everyone you think it’s very important to have that trial run! Make it special with olives, cherries and cocktail umbrellas on hand to bring some summertime fun to your wedding glitz.

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