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More rain for the UK thanks to Barney

Two more bands of heavy rain and Storm Barney are heading for the UK with Yorkshire set to be worst hit.

That means Yorkshire folk will need to either barricade themselves indoors with plenty of Yorkshire tea bags, or only venture out with adequate protection from the elements, like a raincoat and one of our designer umbrellas.

Rain Storm UK Countryside Cloud Windy Yorkshire | Jollybrolly Buy Umbrellas Online Mike Lewinski under Creative Commons

Winds of up to 80mph could be set to hit some parts of the UK, when Storm Barney – the second storm of 2015 to be strong enough to earn itself a name – sweeps in from the Atlantic.

The Met Office has forecast gusts of wind which could reach up to 70mph inland and as high as 80mph along the UK’s western coastlines.

The rain has been a serious problem in some areas, with not even an umbrella able to help. In York the River Ouse has burst its banks, leading to flooding in the city centre.

In West Yorkshire the Met Office has issued several weather warnings, with today’s heavy rain set to be followed by another band of downpours on Wednesday.

The weather is the result of storm Barney, which is the second storm to be named under the Met Office’s new “name our storms” project. The first was Storm Abigail, which hit last week and left more than 20,000 homes without power.

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