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Raincheck launches umbrella stand that tells you the weather

American designer Nick Jonas (not the Disney star) has put in countless hours across a magnitude of disciplines such as design, woodwork, 3-D modelling and coding to produce the Raincheck umbrella stand that tells you the weather before you look out the window.

His attention to detail shows, with the stand handcrafted in NY with carefully selected slabs of Black Walnut, specifically chosen for its dark brown colour and grain which is then finished with Danish oil to enhance its natural look and bring out the quality of the grain.  The inside of the stand is also treated, but a polyurethane layer is added to offer an extra layer of protection from the water you are sure to bring back inside with you. Rubber matting is then added to the base of the stand to protect the wood from the floor, weight the bottom and also offer a padded bottom to place your umbrella into.

It tells you the weather by using a series of eight lights which tell you the weather for the next eight hours. It works with the colour and blinking status of the lights to determine what weather you will encounter. Steady blue means clear weather, blinking blue is telling you to bring your umbrella as it is raining, when it blinks white it’s snowing so grab your umbrella and a coat. Finally, when it blinks red it’s time to stay in as its extreme weather conditions outside.

It receives the information wirelessly through your Wi-Fi router with all the electronic components soldered onto a tiny custom-designed & fabricated PCB board, and makes use of the Particle Photon for easy-WiFi access.  The end result leaves the smallest electronic footprint, hidden in the bottom of the stand.

For all your weather related needs from kids umbrellas to arming the bridal party when the weather is affecting your special day, Jolly Brolly has you covered against the elements.

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