So, you’re off on holiday, you’re in the UK, and so you know it’s going to rain. Are you going to invest in an umbrella, or are you better off with a raincoat? That’s the question you’ve been asking yourself, isn’t it? Fortunately, we’re here with the answer.

Of course, it doesn’t always rain in the UK, and there's always somewhere to explore where the rain won't find you. But if you’re already prepared for the thought that the weather may well turn for the worse and you want to have some kind of protection that lets you get on with your sightseeing undeterred, here’s what you’ll want to bear in mind.

Any raincoat is going to be more convenient in terms of leaving your hands free. Many will keep you warm too, as well as adding wind-protection in a storm. In fact, in the gustiest of weather, a raincoat is hands-down a better bet, unless you fancy being whisked off your feet like Mary Poppins. If you’re on board a yacht, definitely opt for the raincoat too, so that you can still hold your champagne or do what you need to do with the rigging. There are so many upsides to the humble raincoat, you might be forgiven for thinking we were here to sell you a raincoat.

But. Raincoats can leave you overly hot. Your trousers underneath are likely to get horribly splashed with rain. And what about your expensive camera! Raincoats are not the be all and end all on a rainy day. Whereas with a lovely umbrella, especially a cheap umbrella, you get all that overhead protection, and it’s easily replaced if it falls overboard. You can share an umbrella with your special friend in a way that’s - let's face it -  just impractical with a raincoat. And if you could get an umbrella that folds down so small, you can leave it packed away entirely if you don't need it after all. If you had brought that heavy raincoat instead, you’d be carrying it around with you. And who wants that?!

A cheap umbrella is something you can stow in a bag or backpack ready for the very moment you need one. Even if a cheap umbrella not as robust as some of the more expensive umbrellas, it’s not going to be a problem if it doesn’t last long, provided you have it on the day you need it. It’ll be lightweight, convenient, and just the thing to avoid that feeling of lugging around an unneeded raincoat.

In conclusion, which is best? We’d go for the umbrella every time.