Complaining and commenting about the weather is a true British trait. We love to complain about the constant downpour and then go a bit nuts at the first sign of sun. But Britain is not actually the rainiest country in the world, whatever you might want to believe. In fact, these places have to put up with almost constant rain (think of all the complaining!) so remember to bring some brightness in the form of our coloured umbrellas if you visit.

Mawsynram, India

This region in India has actually been officially named the ‘wettest on Earth’. With an average rainfall of 11,871 mm a year (about 40 feet!), hardly a day goes by where the residents don’t see rain. The majority of the rainfall here happens due to monsoon season, caused by moisture and high temperatures in the area.

Cherrapunji, India

Closely following Mawsynram is another region in India which has average yearly rainfall levels of 11, 777 mm, so they too experience rain almost every day. Back in 1880 from August to July 1881, an enormous amount of rain fell during the 12 months: 26,471 mm – it’s in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Tutunendo, Colombia

Less than 1,000 people live in this village in Colombia, probably due to the 11,770 mm of rainfall it gets every year. Even in the dry season, it rains for 20 days out of the month.

Cropp River, New Zealand

This part of New Zealand has seen all the highest rainfall records in the country, and is the rainiest place in the whole of Australasia and Oceania. Cropp River is nestled in a mountainous terrain, which contributes to the high levels of rainfall, about 11, 516 mm a year.

San Antonio de Ureca, Equatorial Guinea

Africa is usually associated with sweltering temperatures, dry deserts and one too many droughts but one of the wettest places on Earth is right in central Africa. The high levels of rainfall occur from the ocean moisture patterns.

Debundscha, Cameroon

Just north of Equatorial Guinea is another Africa place with high rainfall. Getting 10,299 mm of rain per year is due to the coastal locations and proximity to Mount Cameroon.

Big Bog, Hawaii

Hawaii is not just home to glorious beach holidays, surfing and luxury honeymoons: three regions of the island state have very high amounts of rainfall a year. Big Bog has 10, 272 mm, Mount Waialeale has average of 9,763 mm and Kukui follows with 9, 293 mm of rain.

Emei Shan, China

Also a World Heritage Site, Emei Shan in China is home to Mount Emei, the tallest of four sacred mountains of Buddhism and it also gets 8, 169 mm of rainfall a year. Be sure to take an umbrella!

Photo by: Arne-Kaiser