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Rainy Day Hacks For Staying Dry This Year.

Rainy days, go away…. So says the famous poem. But you just know that in most parts to the UK you can pretty much expect the rain to fall on the just and the unjust alike, whether it’s spring, autumn, midwinter, your summer holiday or your wedding day. No problem. Rain doesn’t have to stop you from having fun and getting on with your life. We have some hacks that are going to help you.

So, it rained on your Smartphone? Okay, here’s what you do. You need a bag of dry rice and you pack it straight in there. Every minute counts. Leave it for a whole day and night if you possibly can, and longer if need be. A dehumidifier could also help. As a handy side effect, this could well assist with your technology addiction problem. Breathe deeply, and try reading instead.

What’s that your suede shoes got soaked? Well, let's hope you’d already sprayed them with suede protector because that will help. (Go and do it now, before the rain comes, while you think of it.) You could try an ordinary pencil eraser to deal with difficult areas but definitely use a damp sponge to remove all the debris before you dry it out. Newspapers are a great way to collect the moisture. Screw them up and stuff them inside. Next time wear something waterproof.

Did it rain so hard you’ve got wet socks? No fun. Just as well you remembered some lovely spare warm and dry ones. Didn’t you? Then you’ll definitely want to sort that for next time. And while you’re there, how about a micro fibre towel that can double up to dry your hair, as well as being the best way to rap the wet socks you removed as they start to dry.

And now your umbrella broke? Well, we’re not going to say you deserved it, but clearly, you picked up a low-quality cheap one for a bargain, rather than buying a proper umbrella. Some people use wire to patch up broken spokes, others put up with a broken one for a while. But let’s be honest, it’s high time to get yourself a serious umbrella. We’ve got a few you might be interested in.

Hopefully, those top rain hacks will make sure you’re ready for the weather next time it comes. Don’t put life on hold when it rains. Get out there and enjoy it.

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