Do you love a rainy day? We do. It may sound counter-intuitive, but there are good reasons why rain can make a day all the more fun and active when sunshine could just make you give up and lie down in a heap. Rain is great for the plants, refreshing for the air, and can be truly invigorating. Let’s look at some rainy day reasons why you could be feeling upbeat about the next downpour.

Hear that? Those first drops of rain are your license not to get out there and water the flowers! Fantastic. Rain means one jobless to do because you wouldn’t want them over-watered would you?

Keep listening to that relaxing sound, and your whole body will thank you for it. Rainfall is one of those sound effects that people request when they want to switch off. It’s a natural way to reboot your internal world, just by listening. Put the kettle on too if you like. Read a book inside while the rain is falling outside. There’s nothing to beat the sound of a storm.

When is the last time you made soup? Or apple crumble? In fact, when is the last time you baked a cake, filled it with all your favourite flavours and served it mid-afternoon to anyone who happens to be in the house? You see, that’s the kind of thing you can do on a rainy day. Pick your favourite. Chocolate icing? Victoria sponge with jam and cream? Even dot the whole thing with Smarties and put birthday candles on it if you like. After all, it’s raining. Why wouldn’t you?

How about interjecting an hour of childhood play in your rainy day by donning your favourite wellingtons, grabbing your best umbrella and experiencing the rain first hand. Stamp in a puddle if you like! Surround yourself with one of those transparent umbrellas and stay super-dry. Later on, you can come back for hot chocolate and Netflix or a bubble bath, but get out there and enjoy the shower first.

Rainy days are a great excuse to do the things you normally make excuses to avoid, or need a great excuse to do. There’s no good reason for this; the world carries on regardless of a few spots of rain, and it’s not going to kill you to get a bit wet. But why not bring out your romantic side and see the next shower of rain as a reason to have more fun than you did in the whole of the summer.