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Rainy Weddings Get The Credit They Deserve

We were delighted to read a long feature in the Daily Mail just yesterday about the joy of rain on your wedding day and the magic touch it brings to photos. Social media has been awash (pun intended) with rainy wedding day photos ever since, and we couldn’t be more delighted!

A Photographer Speaks Out

Thomas Stewart whom we mentioned just last week made the headlines once more with his stance on rainy weather.  The outspoken wedding photographer claims he actually wishes for rain during his couple’s reception – and it’s fair to say that we wholeheartedly agree!

What Sparked the Reaction?

Social media has since been awash with rainy wedding day photos after one such photo from a couple named Jessica and Nick Gower went viral last Tuesday. The shot is stunning, and shows the couple holding each other under a beautiful white wedding umbrella with the light illuminating every raindrop and creating an ethereal and breathtaking effect.

Other Photos

Couples have proudly shared their wedding photos taken in dismal weather since – including one couple who forewent the umbrella and just got soaking wet in the pouring rain, staring into each other’s eyes making for a truly romantic moment.

Another couple who got married in Bali and experienced a tropical storm took a gorgeous photo with the bride’s veil covering them both as it blew in the wind!

A third couple made the most of their bad wedding day weather by posing on top of a cliff with the wind blowing them and their attire every which way!

And finally, a fourth photo was of torrential rain and involved 5 beautiful wedding umbrellas, under one was the bride and groom in front and under the other 4 were a groomsman and a bridesmaid – all looking absolutely stunning being sheltered from the downpour.

Quotes from Wedding Photographers

See below the viewpoint from some wedding photographers about rain on your wedding day and wet weather wedding photos:

James Day:
'The rain is a blessing! After seeing the fun that others have had my clients are excited about going out to play in the rain and taking some fun pictures to remember the day by. You can't control the weather, so why not embrace it.'

Thomas Stewart:
'Anything that can throw a curve ball towards a normal wedding is in my and many photographers' opinion fantastic - so rain, mist, wind, fog and anything like that makes photos awesome… It's actually much better if the entire day is as cloudy and gloomy as possible as the clouds act like a giant light diffuser - except for sunset - that's when we want strong direct light for those beautiful low golden rays which are perfect.' 

So, looking for some wet weather wedding photo ideas just in case? You need to read this for inspiration! 

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