Let us let you into a little secret - there is no need to start planning your wedding at the precise moment you get engaged. Believe us, you will have more than enough to think about once you actually get down to business. However, for now, it's all about living in the moment, sharing the wonderful news with loved ones and taking some shameless ring selfies for Instagram. Here are 10 important wedding planning to-dos you can wait to get started on. 

Choose Your Wedding Party

Now, of course, they were one of the first people you called after the proposal but pause before asking all of your best friends to be in your wedding party. Drama and excitement have a bit of a habit of popping up in the early stages of engagements, so its best to wait for the initial “Oh my goodness, you’re engaged!” phase to die down before asking your pals to stand at the altar with you. A few weeks after the engagement announcement you can really see who is still excited to dive into the wedding planning with you and who might be best just as a guest.

Buying Your Dress

By all means, browse the magazines and social media posts to your heart's content, but consider holding off before actually purchasing your dress for the big day. After a few weeks of looking on the web and trying on different dresses, your taste and preference may alter slightly. However, try not to sit on a decision for too long though, as you don't want to find yourself a with just 4 weeks from the wedding date without a dress. We would recommend buying your gown six to eight months before your wedding which leaves enough time for shipping, fittings and alterations.

The Dreaded Seating Plan

No one actually looks forward to this job, but when it does come down to it, you will want to figure out a rough estimate of your guest list so you can plan things like your budget around it. Don’t worry about deciding specific seating assignments yet as that can wait until you have received your RSVPs.

Picking Your First Dance Song

Your first dance song and all of your wedding music, in fact, is one of those things you can add to and tweak closer to the wedding. There is no need to stress over this one as there are also tons of inspiration online and also hearing what your friends and family recommend...but keep in mind this is your wedding and not theirs.

Choosing Bridesmaids Dresses

Your wedding party attire is one of the most impactful ways to show off your personal wedding style. But similarly to when it comes to shopping for your wedding dress, it's more than likely your theme and colours may evolve during the planning process. Save bridesmaid shopping for when you have finally decided on a final look and feel for the wedding and preferably do it after you have purchased your own dress.

Planning The Honeymoon

Due to our much busier and hectic lives, fewer couples are jetting off on their honeymoons immediately following their wedding day, so its okay if you need more time to plan your trip, even if that means waiting a few more weeks after your wedding to go. If you do decide to leave the day after the wedding, make sure you book travel plans at least 6 months in advance.

Choosing Flowers

You will obviously want to pin down the best flower pro around so book your florist early, but you don't have to actually have to specify what flowers you want until a few months before your big day. It’s a good idea to start setting aside photos of wedding flowers that you love and have a conversation with your florist about what blooms when and what will be in season on your wedding date. So don't need to worry about narrowing it all down just yet.

The Little Details

The small details we care too much about such as linens, table settings, favours and escort cards, really don't need to be dealt with until well after those bigger decisions are made. If you have the itch to plan right now focus on the fun stuff like tasting appointments with your caterer or choosing your wedding colours.