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Red Dresses & Bridal Umbrellas

Here in the UK when we say ‘Wedding Dress’ the first things that springs to mind is a flowing white princess gown. But this isn’t the case around the world. Some cultures would immediately think bright red, some might think of accessories like a bridal umbrella, and some might not even think of a dress at all! Read on to find out what wedding dresses look like across the world!



In India, the wedding dress is swapped for an ornate traditional Saree. The preferred colours are red and gold, although other vibrant colours are sometimes used as well. Many Indian brides will wear a Saree for the ceremony and then later change into a Choli for the ceremony.


In Japan the Kimono is worn as formal attire on the wedding day. Typically a white Kimono is worn as a symbol of new life, although some brides opt for a colourful silk kimono instead. The Kimono is wrapped with the left side over the right and then secured with a sash which is tied in the back.


Although most Italians now opt for a wedding gown in white or ivory, traditionally Italian brides wore green as a symbol of fertility! In Venice a bride would wear her second best wedding dress to the church and save her best dress for the reception and her first dance with the groom.


In Germany there are two ceremonies. The first is a civic ceremony where the couple is legally married for which professional attire is worn. The couple will then attend a church wedding where the bride will don the traditional white wedding dress. Although rather than a brand new dress it is customary to wear one that has been passed down through the generations.


In Russia most women opt to make their own ornate wedding dresses. Each outfit is made specifically for the big day with many brides opting to create a white wedding dress, while others choose a white or pastel suit. Traditionally Russian brides wore an ornate headdress that was more prominent than the dress itself!


The Chinese will typically wear three different dresses over the course of their wedding festivities. There is the traditional Qi Pao which is red with silver and gold embroidery, a white wedding dress and an evening ball gown! In Chinese culture red is a symbol of love and prosperity making it the perfect choice for wedding festivities! It is also not uncommon to see bridal umbrellas in Chinese wedding photos.


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