With the wedding season in full swing, it’s time to get thinking about outfits, gifts and travel arrangements. Whether you are the bride and groom to be or a wedding attendee, there is a lot that needs to be bought in preparation for the big day, and research shows just how much the average wedding guest spends.

According to recent research by American Express, a typical wedding guest spends an average of £479 per wedding! Which is only £24 less than the average weekly salary. The majority of that money being spent on gifts, at an average of £102, the second most money consuming thing about being a wedding guest is travel, at £94, followed hotel accommodation and an outfit, both coming in at round £75!

Although this is the current averages, a new trend is showing that guests are beginning to shop a little more on the budget side with a staggering 52% looking to be a little savvier. Taking a look in the sales for both outfits and gifts, as well as choosing lower cost, more thoughtful gifts to give to the happy couple.

“While a wedding was once considered extremely costly for the bride’s father, our study shows that guests also face a significant bill,” commented American Express’s director Jenny Cheung.

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