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Researchers reveal the ‘perfect’ age to get married

Most people have their ideal age that they wish to marry, often in a carefully planned time schedule of where they wish to be in their lives. But science has now revealed the ‘perfect’ age to wed to give you the best chance of living a long and happy marriage.

The results were revealed by a group of researchers at the University of Utah, and focused on around 10,000 divorced couples, asking them questions relating to the reasons for their marriage breakdowns and this was paired with the information given about their ages. This info was then collated to create the suppose ‘perfect’ age for marriage, where both parties are at the optimum time in their lives to make the commitment to each other.

The study revealed that people who tie the know between the ages of 28 and 32 lead the longest, happiest lives, with these people being substantially less likely to split up within the first five years.

With each year you wait to get hitched after the age of 32, you supposedly gain an extra 5% of the marriage ending in divorce!

This shows a great contrast to the generations before the millennials, when people usually were to wed around their early twenties, this generation has seen great changes in relationships, values and traditions which have all been factors relating to this increase in the age of committing to one another.

The average age of marriage currently for men sits at 30.8 and for women is 28.9 years.

Naturally, this research shouldn’t be taken too seriously as it was biased, focusing only on those who were divorced, however if you think that you are at your own perfect age to be wed, take the plunge and get planning today. When thinking about the plans for your big event, why not take a look at our white wedding umbrellas which will keep you protected and make your wedding photos truly beautiful?

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