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Choosing The Right Branded Umbrellas For Your Target Market

The wide variety of styles and colours available for branded umbrellas makes it easy to choose a range that’s just right for your promotional campaign. If you’re not certain which branded umbrellas are best for your needs, here are a few suggestions to help you design and plan your branded umbrellas.


The most important thing to consider when deciding on a range of branded umbrellas for your incentive scheme or other promotional campaign is your target market. The styles, colours and even the materials that you choose should be determined by the things that your target market will find most appealing. In general, these qualities are most appealing to the following specific markets:



Umbrellas may seem an odd choice of promotional item for a product aimed at children unless you think back to how very grown up you felt carrying your very own first umbrella. When you’re choosing branded umbrellas for a children’s market you have to consider two markets: parents and children. Size is important  those enormous golf umbrellas that are so popular with adults will carry small children off their feet with the first stiff breeze. Mini golf umbrellas are the perfect size for small fries, and come in a huge range of colours so that you can match them to your logo and message. For the parents, you’ll want to be conscious of safety  careful of the pointy umbrella tip.


The Youth Market

Are you marketing a brand to teens and tweens? Novelty and colour are your two best friends. This is the age that’s most likely to want to leave their branded umbrella behind when they leave the house  it’s SO uncool to be bothered by a bit of rain. They wouldn’t be caught dead carrying their father’s umbrella in banker’s black, but give them flashy, eye-popping colours and their favourite artists and slogans on an umbrella and they’ll be lining up to earn them as incentives.


Executives and Professionals

Professionals look for quality in a stylish, well-made branded umbrella. Choose colors that complement your logo best, and go easy on the flashy artwork. Don’t skimp on quality, though. These are the folks that will most appreciate features like storm vents, extra width and the very best materials. Wood stock handles are de rigueur, and special features like engraved ferrules and your logo discreetly printed on the umbrella barrel will make an excellent impression on this market.



They call them “golf umbrellas" for a reason. Branded umbrellas designed for golfers have all the features that most people appreciate in a good umbrella. The traditional golf umbrella is a full 60 inches wide, offering plenty of cover from the elements. The best quality branded umbrellas include storm vents to let the wind pass through while keeping out the rain, thus preventing that most frustrating occurrence the inside-out umbrella. Pick bright colours, dual coloured panels and your logo proudly displayed on one or more of the fabric panels.


Branded umbrellas have a lot to offer advertisers, not the least of which is the flexibility to customise your promotional items to fit the occasion or business you are promoting.



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