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A Right White Wedding Dress & Umbrella to Match


White is white… right? Wrong! We know better than anyone that white is never just white- there are varying shades to choose from that look different from bride to bride. And that’s before we even get started with the champagnes the ivorys, the creams and the beiges!


Who knew so much goes into choosing what is meant to just be a simple colour? And once you get the shade right for your dress you then need to make sure that all of your accessories are the right shade as well! As we are the umbrella boffins here’s our guide to some different shades of white and which wedding umbrellas will match them best:

Stark White

This is at the very edge of the spectrum, the whitest of the white! Typically easiest to achieve with synthetic fabrics like satin and polyester, this looks best against darker skin tones. Not a rule of thumb, but stark white can be known to wash out paler brides.

Wedding Umbrella Match:

Natural White

This is a shade off of ‘stark white’ and is typically as white as you can get with natural fibres. It will look very similar in your professional photos, but is much more flattering on lighter skin tones.

Wedding Umbrella Match:


This is an off white that can often have yellow undertones so you want to choose your shade like you would choose your foundation. If you have a pink undertone to your skin opt for a yellow toned ivory fabric.

Wedding Umbrella Match:


Champagne on the other hand is an off-white with pink or gold undertones, so on the flip side it is great for yellow or olive toned complexions!

Wedding Umbrella Match:


Of course if the world of whites is just too much to handle, why not go off piste and opt for something bold and colourful? Lavender, rose and blue are all becoming popular choices for brides. We reckon just go for something that makes you look and feel great!

Wedding Umbrella Match:

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