Wanting to know exactly who does what when preparing for the ceremony? Here is a direct list of what each member of a wedding party does and the responsibilities they have for the wedding day and before.


Brides are the ones who traditionally makes the main and most important decisions and will select all the services that they desire. Choosing the date, venue, who will be there, dress, accessories as well as the bridesmaids, help with the guest list and seating arrangements and also amend any small details which will contribute to her perfect day.  


The Groom can of course help with some of the arrangements above but sometimes they would just rather let their bride do it as they seem to get on better with it on their own while the groom is down the pub! Grooms do have to arrange their own transport, and should have a say in venues, dates and also honeymoon. The Groom will also choose his best man and users but that's pretty much it for the men! A lot of the day is usually prepared by both the bride and groom as it is both of their wedding days.

Best Man

In traditional terms, the best man is responsible for what both himself and the groom will be wearing. He will also help with the transport and most importantly (in his eyes), the infamous stag do! Usually nowadays they are about a month in advance of the big day but no later than a week before if he wants to successfully fulfil his duty of escorting the groom to his ceremony on time.

On the actual day the best man will work with the maid of honour to make sure the day runs as smoothly as possible. He is in charge of keeping the rings safe and after the ceremony responsible for making sure all guests have been transported safely to the reception. The best man will also speak at the reception and also to make sure the newlyweds leave the reception in good time and their transport has been arranged!

Maid of Honour

The Maid of Honour is chosen by the bride and it's her job to assist her during all the necessary preparations. On the day itself, it is her main job to ensure that all the attendants are in their proper places. It is also her job to arrange the bride's dress before she enters the ceremony. During the actual ceremony it will be her job to hold the bride's bouquet and will sign the register along with the best man. Finally it is her job to be on hand to the bride for anything that she might need during the day.


For the users, it's their duty to meet and greet the guests while they arrive at the ceremony. They might contribute any order of service sheets and show people to their seats. If it is raining, they will help escort out umbrellas out to the guests.

Father of the Bride

Traditionally the bride's parents that pay the bulk of the wedding costs. However, in this day and age it's more the bride and groom themselves pay the most of the day, however, both sides of parents may contribute.

On an actual day, the bride is accompanied to the ceremony by her father and will escort her down the aisle to give her away at the ceremony. He will sit next to her on the top table during the wedding breakfast and will of course make a speech and often propose a toast to the happy couple.

Mother of the Bride

The bride's mother will not only be proud to see her daughter get married but will be there to oversee all arrangements with her. She may have a pretty big part to play in the decision making, especially if she is contributing in the financial department! She will help compile the guest list and also want to help in anyway she can.

Groom's Parents

There is no specific role for the groom traditionally but it is important that they don't feel left out. It isn't unusual for them to make some sort of contribution to the organising and payments. If is usually good manners for the bride to ask her future in-laws for advice and approval and ensure they are included as much as possible.