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Rules for any outdoor wedding

Many couples nowadays prefer to make a statement and stage their wedding ceremony and/or reception in the open air. Outdoor weddings are a perfect choice for anyone who loves scenery, fresh air and breaking out from the confines of a traditional indoor venue. Let’s look at some of the factors you’ll need to bear in mind.


Where are you planning to host your outdoor wedding? It’s worth checking whether there are any local regulations you need to abide by or permissions that need getting before you get too far into the plans. You can always take the pressure off by choosing a recognized outdoor venue that is used to staging wedding ceremonies. There are glamorous beach settings around the world, or ruined castles, or the grounds of stately homes where you won’t have to reinvent the wheel to get married in the open air.

Especially if you have a large number of guests expected, consider how to ensure everyone can see and hear the significant moments. You don’t want people feeling they’re missing out because of the outdoor acoustics. So hire decent PA if necessary. In the same way, think about the little things that will help your wedding guests to relax and enjoy your day with you. Easy access to bathrooms is a priority of course, as is making sure safety is considered. Some guests may not be up to climbing the hill to the perfect view point, so you might need to save that cliff or mountain top for certain photos.

Of course we would say this, but providing an umbrella for every guest is a very sensible precaution for an outdoor wedding. At the very least you’ll want to make sure the bride and groom have a nice sturdy dome umbrella or two, to keep the wedding photos looking fantastic even if there’s a sudden downpour. Umbrellas don’t have to detract from the glamour of the scene. Just choose the right colour and make a statement. It’s part and parcel of the ‘al fresco’ wedding experience, and your guests will thank you for it.

At the end of the day, there are no rules. As long as you keep one eye on your guests and their needs, an outdoor wedding can be breathtaking.

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