When planning a wedding, picking the date is one of the first obstacles you face! So when you finally find a date that you think can work for everyone, it's time to put that date in place by sending out ‘save the date’ letters. In the digital age we now live in, you may question whether a traditional posted ‘save the date’ is still necessary... The answer is yes! Guest’s love the personal touch of a written note and for most, your relatives will be of all ages and perhaps not as tech-savvy so this way you can be sure the message will reach all the family.

Save the date’s are also essential for your guests to be able to plan ahead, particularly if your wedding falls during a busier travel season. Plus, receiving a little save the date note starts to get your guests as excited for your big day as you are, whether that be in a year or two, the season may change which outfit they choose - and weather they decide they will need to buy a wedding umbrella for the big day! Also, if you have any colours, styles, or themes decided for the wedding, a matching ‘save the date’ is the perfect way to set the tone for what the main event will be like.

Of course if you’re a tech-savvy kind of family then an email version of a ‘save the date’ note could be suitable! Going down this route is quicker and more cost effective, but do be wary that there is the issue of emails being directed to the spam folder or possibly being swallowed up by an excessive amount of emails in your guests inbox. If this is the way you want to send out your save the dates we would recommend sending out a reminder or follow-up email to be sure your guests are up to scratch with your big day!

What should you include in your save the dates…?

Your save the dates should always include the date, yours and your partners names, and the location of the wedding. If you haven’t quite decided on the venue yet, we recommend adding in an estimated location for the special day as this will help out your guests in making any necessary arrangements such as overnight stays.

Who should the invite be sent to…?

Everyone that is invited to the wedding; your bridal party, family members, friends, work colleagues should always receive a ‘save the date’. These guests won’t necessarily need a reminder but it’s courteous to include them in every step of the wedding process. Also, your closest family will cherish the day just like you and will also probably keep it as a momentum of your big day.

Finally, always follow up your ‘save the date’ with a formal invitation. This is usually sent roughly 8 weeks before the big day and should include all the information that guests will need so keep the ‘save the dates’ to literally just the date, where it is, and of course who’s it is!!