The media is rife with diets, stick-thin photoshopped models grace the newspapers and glossy magazines. Diets are everywhere, and we’re still tucking into the doughnuts – why? Read on for a feel good NON-diet guide!

The Great Depression

It’s cold, it’s rainy and the last thing you want to do when starting a new year is feel empty and depressed.  Yes of course healthy eating is a good idea, but starving yourself right at the beginning of the year when you need the most energy does nothing for the soul.


There are so many leftovers after the festive season.  Whether it be turkey and trimmings, or baskets of foody gifts like chocolate, biscuits and cheese, there is no reason to waste all these lovely things just to save a few pounds on the scale!

The Economy

All the pubs and restaurants struggle in January because everyone has spent so much money during the Christmas and New Year season.  Not to mention the legions of people who have just started a diet!  We say be selfless and help the British economy by heading outside for a nice pub dinner or a couple of glasses of wine.

Bag a Bargain

Due to the fact that everyone stays inside, pubs, restaurants and even shops offer some crazy discounts to get customers through the door – so why not take them up on their kind offer and enjoy a delicious meal on the cheap, without worrying about how many calories are in it!

All Your Friends Are Free

After not being able to get hold of anyone for a month no one has plans in January so it is the perfect time to get out with the people you haven't had a chance to catch up with throughout December.  Ring in the first month of the new year with friends!

Cold Outside

The weather outside is frightful, and so is the diet!  It’s freezing outside and we could all be doing with a little extra insulation until the spring months come, so why not try a nice warming bowl of stew instead of that salad tonight?

Six Months

It’s only January which means there are six whole months before you need to be in that bikini, so why not hold off on the militant dieting until the weather clears up and the pubs start charging full price again! 

You Burn More Calories in the Cold

So you don’t need to diet… Ok so that’s probably not true but we like the sound of it so you can use it as an excuse if you so wish!

I Don’t Like Diets

It’s as simple as that!