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Are short engagements and lost-cost weddings the key to a happy marriage?

The average length of an engagement is 14-months, according to The Knot, however, many people are now beginning to think that tying the knot sooner could be the way forward to lead to a happier marriage.


Trends over the last few years have certainly leaned closer to budget weddings, with shabby chic décor all the rage, home baked cakes, and that handmade touch making the day extra special. Of course there are still many people that love to indulge in a lavish wedding, and it is their big day, so they should have exactly what they want.

However, recent research by The Atlantic concluded that those who spend over £15,000 on their weddings were found to have higher divorce rates. With the stress of the wedding leaving the cracks on show a lot sooner and putting a strain on finances, as well as their relationships for those long 14 months.

But, are the people now leaning towards a shorter engagement, with less time spent planning and stressing over their big day, and more time spend enjoying each other’s company and planning for other big things in their future, such as children and houses.

Naturally, these two trends come hand in hand, spending less money for a smaller, more intimate day, that needs much less planning!

So if you are considering tying the knot, why not make the big day a bit sooner and cut the costs? It could be the golden key to a happy and loving marriage! Just don’t forget to buy umbrellas if you are having an outdoor ceremony, our birdcage umbrellas are a simply beautiful addition to keep you sheltered from the rain!

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