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Signage Ideas for Every Wedding Role

Throughout our frequent journeying on Pinterest we’ve seen some wonderful ideas for those little touches that make your wedding more special and more memorable. Whether they elicit an “awwww” or crack a smile, we’re firm believers that it’s the little things that matter at Jollybrolly. And signs are a little thing that can make a whole lot of difference. So we’ve compiled some of our favourites we’ve spotted around the Internet in this handy guide.

Pre-Wedding Signage

Whether it’s the invites, the wedding schedule or the engagement party, there are some fun and quirky ideas for memes and notes.

Idea 1 (for the schedule): “We arrive, we get married, we party” – keep it simple!
Idea 2 (for the proposal): “I said yes!”

Pageboys and Flowergirls

We saw a simply adorable sign you could use for the pageboy or ringbearer the other day, and a selection of other fabulous ideas are below. For each example, the sign was simply worn as would be a necklace:

Idea 1: “Don’t worry ladies, I’m still single” (for the pageboy)
Idea 2: “Watch out [INSERT NAME], your bride is coming”
Idea 3: “Too late now!”
Idea 4: “Ring security” (for ringbearer)

Wedding Ceremony

This is perhaps a time to be more romantic than tongue in cheek. Some loved up signage ideas include:

Idea 1: “This is how our story begins”
Idea 2: “Choose a seat, not a side” (for weddings not having a bride’s side and a groom’s side)

You could also have a timeline of your relationship, from dating to wedding – we’ve seen this on the floor, or along the aisle or in a guest book. It can serve as a great memento too once the wedding is over.

Additionally, you could make a sign in memory of someone that couldn’t be there and put it on a chair as a tribute.

Wedding Reception

Now you’ve gotten hitched, it’s time to party! Some brilliant signs we’ve seen directing people to the reception venue or just to add a bit of atmosphere include:

Idea 1: “Trust me, you can dance. Vodka.”
Idea 2: “Till death do us party"
Idea 3: “Shoes here, vows there, love everywhere”
Idea 4: “Food, ice cream, bad dance moves – straight ahead”
Idea 5: “Hoppily ever after, IPA”
Idea 6: “Find your seat here, but you belong on the dancefloor!”
Idea 7: “Alcohol, because no great story ever started with a salad”

There are a lot more for the wedding reception than the more serious parts of the day we know, but hey – we enjoy a celebration! If you’re looking to add more DIY touches to your wedding we’ve got more inspiration in post 1 and post 2 of our series.

Featured image taken from the brilliant Jodi Miller Photography.

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