The Mirror covered some rather insightful stories from wedding photographers who have seen it all when it comes to happy – and not so happy - couples on their big day. We have to play fair though, and Red Book Mag conversely has 6 wonderful signs you know it’s going to last forever with your other half.

We’ve got both sides of the story below, and let’s start with the good – ways you know it’s going to last forever (awww).

The Good

1. They’re the first one you want to call: Call, text, see – whether you get good news, bad news or do something so simple as find a joke funny on TV, your man (or woman) is the first one you want to tell about it.

2. Team Effort: The chores, finances or work may not be split evenly down the middle, but you’re always and unanimously on the same team with every decision.

3. Surprise, Surprise: They still surprise you! Whether it’s a previously unknown talent or a sudden burst of spontaneity, your other half can still pull out some new tricks.

4. A Healthy Dose of Fire: Very few couples never argue – and if he or she can still get you wound up, it’s actually a healthy sign for the future.

5. Highs and Lows: It’s easy to stay with someone when everything is rosy, but how you stick together during the tough times speaks volumes.

6. Boredom Bites: When slobbing in front of the TV is bliss, despite doing it year in year out for decades – you know you’re infinitely happy in each other’s company.

Now we move on to the not so good courtesy of Reddit wedding photographers!

The Bad and The Ugly!

1. The Little Things: When little arguments are cropping up about things that don’t really matter and it’s your wedding day, photographers think this to be a bad omen for the marriage.

2. In Laws Go Away: When the bride or groom is keeping a hefty distance between themselves and their new in laws, it doesn’t bode well!

3. Awkward Vows: The stories are aplenty but whether you can’t look at each other or burst into laughter, the moment the vows are exchanged can also be very telling according to the photographers who aired their views.

4. Bridezilla or Groomzilla: Someone that stressed and that worried about controlling the whole day can be indicative that perhaps they weren’t supported in the planning or just aren’t ready to get married. This is another warning sign raised from the article.

So – want it to last forever? Get bored, surprised, one of a whole and with your other half for the duration. In sickness and in health never did ring truer!