Now the weather is getting warmer, and the skies are less cloudy, it is the perfect time to get into the garden to spruce it up for when spring finally arrives. This means planting some flowers and veg, and a general cleaning of the garden. With a lovely garden, full of blooming flowers and organic plants you can eat fresh, and you will feel more inclined to spend time in the garden during the coming months, come rain or shine. Be sure to stock up on cheap umbrellas to keep by your back door for when you need to pop out into the garden and stay dry – and these can also double up as a parasol during the summer!

Clean up the garden

Get the really dirty and messy work out of the way first. Dig up the weeds, deadhead any winter plants, trim back any overgrowing bushes, and even give the garden furniture a brush down or repaint if it needs it.

Replace the broken

Anything that is broken, old or unusable like plant pots, watering cans, gardening tools and furniture should be replaced in spring. A makeover of the garden objects like those adds just a simple but very effective change to the overall look of your garden.

Welcome the wildlife

Set out bird feeders and a bird bath to bring in some wildlife to your garden. You might also want to encourage hedgehogs or foxes if you live in a rural area, and even welcome the squirrels too. In addition to animals and birds, you might also want to encourage some wildflowers. Set a section of your garden to be a wild meadow and sow some wildflower seeds here and allow any weeds to grow – just don’t let them get out of hand.

Plant some veg and herbs

Plant some vegetable seeds as well as any flowers. Go for sprouts, lettuce, squash, courgette, peas, beetroot, onions, cabbage and any other veg you enjoy eating. Then you can mix it up with some herbs like rosemary and chives. Having it fresh from your garden means you know the source of your vegetables and also gives you much easier access to your five-a-day!

Take care of your bees

Gardens are becoming very important for bees, even in urban areas, and it is easy to turn your own garden into a bee paradise. Grow a range of bee-friendly flowers, which are rich in pollen and nectar and have flowers blooming all the way from spring to late summer. Different species of bee like different flowers too, so be sure to grow a variety. For bumblebees try planting sage, lavender, runner beans, red campion, foxglove or marjoram.

Brighten up any shady areas

If your garden is big enough for trees, you are sure to have some shady areas. These can be spruced up with some flowers which grow well in the shade, such as rhododendrons, bluebells or snowdrops, and they can create a beautiful carpet when they are in bloom. Alternatively, use any shady areas of your garden to be a shelter. Why not add a small gazebo or something more permanent?

Plant some pretty flowers

Remember to plant flowers which will blossom later in the year, so your garden is always full of colour. Try tulips, cornflowers, marigolds, nasturtiums or California poppies. Also, try to add some grasses and green plants to balance it all out.