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Six things to remember when planning an outdoor wedding

An outdoor wedding is one of the most wonderful venues, letting you step out into the fresh air and enjoy natures finest offerings for your big day. However, the outdoor setting leaves you with many aspects to consider to ensure that the day runs as smoothly as possible, so here we have a short guide of things you should remember when planning an outdoor wedding:



If your evening ceremony is outdoors, or in a tent outdoors, you may wish to consider providing a blanket with each chair as the weather begins to turn colder. This adds a lovely, personal, and decorative touch to the venue, as well as being very practical!


We hope that the weather will hold out for your big day, and of course you’re likely to be prepared with a marquee in case it does decide to take a downpour. However, if it does there is no need to worry, just ensure that you are fully prepared with umbrellas, you wouldn’t want your guests to ruin their beautiful clothes! Take a look at our wide range of umbrellas UK and find your perfect brolly match!


Have you considered what kind of lighting you would like? The great outdoors provides a wonderful backdrop, however once the sun has set you will be in need of some lighting solutions. This can be easily solved with a small budget through fairy lights and candles, why not turn them into a feature of the evening? They will become a simple but effective decoration that will look lovely in the photographs!


Your outdoor location may restrict the kind of footwear which is suitable, so be sure to advise your guests accordingly! Those heels may look spectacular, however you don’t want any nasty accidents, so the bride, bridesmaids and guests should ideally become prepared with some flat shoes, even if they only get worn at the end of the night once you are all partied out!


If you and your guests plan on eating outside you may need to consider a few feasibility aspects, such as the facilities for the caterers, combating the wind and of course, what will happen if it rains! A party planner or caterer will usually have many solutions that they can offer up to you so that your day is just perfect and runs through without any blips, so don’t be afraid to ask the professionals!

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