The size of your umbrella depends on what you’re looking for. Is this about a quick shopping trip where it may or may not rain? Or are you off to a festival and you picture yourself gathering the crowds underneath it when the clouds open?

There are pros and cons of the different sizes and styles, but a few simple rules apply.

If you go for a big umbrella, you have all the benefits of rain protection, durability, sturdiness and the chance to shelter more than one person underneath. However, you’ll find these full sized versions are slightly heavier than a small umbrella that you can throw in your bag. You can get over this problem by opting for a specialist lightweight version that’s been engineered for ease and convenience.

However, weight might not be the only problem. If you prefer to take your umbrella in your bag, or on public transport, a small umbrella is going to be far more convenient for everyday use. The thing to remember though, is that it’s not going to be quite as sturdy as the larger versions. So you probably don’t want to use one as a golfing umbrella.

But small umbrellas nowadays have improved considerably on the models we all remember from years ago. They naturally have extra hinges to allow for their compactness, but these are engineered to withstand reasonably strong gusts without flipping over.

Bottom line, if you’re off on a hike or a camping trip and staying dry is your focus, then go for a robust full sized umbrella. However, if you’re looking for maximum portability as well as rain protection you can trust, you can rest assured that a quality small umbrella will give you what you’re looking for. You can choose from a range of fashionable and classic colours to match your work outfit or your favourite shoes, and you can throw it into your handbag in case the weather turns for the worse.

Many people choose one of each - an umbrella for the car, and one for the office or handbag. Nowadays you don’t have to lose your style to stay dry!