Dogs love the great outdoors just as much as their human counterparts, but how many times have you taken the dog out for trip opened the car door and watched your pooch turn their noses up at the idea of stepping outside when the weather has decided to take a turn for the worse? Well, that will be now be a thing of the past thanks to Skoda’s new dog umbrella.

Skoda have decided to incorporate the doggy accessory into their new Superb which stores in the door for wet weather walks with your dog.

The umbrella that slots in to the door of the Skoda Superb in exactly the same way the normal human umbrella fits in to the higher-spec Superbs, the new dog umbrella is a welcome addition for canines and their owners. The ultra-light weight umbrella uses unobtanium which easily attaches to the dog’s collar making it a hands-free or should we say paws-free accessory!

Skoda project leader, Dr Jacques Rustle, said:

“We’re delighted to bring this new dog umbrella to the UK market first, British rain is officially the wettest in the world, so we knew this accessory would have big appeal with owners in the UK. During development, we captured large quantities of British rain and brought it back to our workshop in the Czech Republic before signing the design off.”

To make it as practical, useful and comfortable for the dog as possible Skoda worked with the RSPCA with spokesperson Kat Litchfield saying: “Dogs love the great outdoors, but not all of them like to get wet. The launch of this new product means that even the most reluctant of hounds will be able to enjoy their exercise – come rain or shine!”

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Photo by: natalie_yaroshenko/Instagram