As sellers of budget wedding umbrellas such as this beautiful budget ivory brolly with frill for £9.99 it goes without saying that we love a bargain at Jollybrolly.

So when it comes to wedding food – we feel exactly the same! Oftentimes brides and husbands to be imagine the cost per head of a wedding meal to be the same as the cost per head for a restaurant meal. The unsettling truth however is that it’s often far more, and paying upwards of £80 per head isn’t unusual. This week we have ways to slash that food budget, and leave more for the honeymoon!

Themed Stations

Themed stations such as burger bars, Mexican fajita or Thai (Asian stations are very popular at the moment) can save on both staffing and food costs as guests serve themselves. If you’re after something more casual and informal too, this sort of arrangement can meet your needs perfectly.

Cheaper Alternatives

Chef Matthew Antoun wrote in publication The Knot about choosing cheaper alternatives to save budget - such as cheaper cuts of meat like beef cheeks and pork belly over steak or calamari and mussels over scallops and prawns. For your main meal too, pasta dishes can be cheaper than expensive meats and fish. Besides, your guests will be too busy celebrating you to notice anyway!

Skip Traditional Courses

Different sources recommend skipping different courses – one mentioned skipping the appetisers while guests are sipping champagne before being seated, others the cheese course and others think going minimalist on the desserts is a good idea – whatever your preference though, there is no need to serve a huge amount of courses when the basics will do to curb your guests hunger!


This is something we’ve heard about often. High grade and eco-friendly disposables cost less per unit than glassware and fine china all of which need to be considered. Some caterers charge for linen, of course there’s staffing and corkage for alcohol too – meaning there are plenty of logistical opportunities to save a bit of budget by DIY’ing some of plates and other fayre.

Choose In-Season

Your environmental impact as well as your wallet can be spared by choosing in-season seafoods, fruits and vegetables. More on this from Bridal Guides.

There are many subtle ways to save money on your catering budget – subtle because they’re small changes, and subtle because your guests won’t have a clue!