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Are snapchat filters to be this year’s latest wedding trend?

Over the years we have seen many unusual wedding trends surfacing, and this is no exception. Social media app, Snapchat, have recently released a new feature that could possibly become a big trend this year!

Snapchat have unveiled a new way to capture photographs on your wedding. These days we spend a lot of time capturing memories through our phones and this update is just following the trends. Their new option is to create your very own, unique Snapchat filter for your wedding day!

For those who are not aware, Snapchat is a messaging application that primarily works with photographs and videos through your phone. The app allows you to send 10 second ‘snaps’ to your friends and family and give them a little snippet of your life.

These filters can be created with text and cartoon images to be placed around the screen as a frame to any photographs and videos that are taken through the app. This filter can be set so that it allows people within a specific location, such as your wedding venue, to use it, giving all your guests the chance to share this fun filter! You can create one of these individual filters through their website for just a small fee that depends on the location you are wishing to use.

Although the images in the app only last for 10 seconds, there is the option to save them or add them to a Snapchat story to help you to capture the day. This is the next step on from having a silly wedding photo booth, re-creating a similar effect through the popular app.

Is this the kind of technology you would like at your wedding? Maybe someone with capture a gorgeous snap of you and your bridal umbrella with your custom Snapchat filter!

Image: Barn Images under Creative Commons

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