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Sneaky Savings For Your Big Day

Weddings are big business but can also be big bucks, however they don’t have to cost an arm and a leg in order to have the day you and your partner have been dreaming of.

These days the average wedding budget climbs to an eye watering £30,000, for the most of us this means that saving is key, but thankfully there are ways of doing this without leaving anyone or anything out!

Here are some great little changes to save you some extra cash on your wedding day. Genius!

Slice Up Your Budget (Literally)

The cake is a vital part of any wedding but they are somewhat on the pricey side. To add a personal touch why not ask someone close to you who would be honoured to make your dream wedding cake. Only ask if you have someone in mind who can bake and would be thrilled to do it for you. We don't want it to become a chore for them as this could end in a disaster!

Likewise If you have any budding bakers among your family and friends invite them to bring cakes and deserts to the wedding reception. This will reduce any extra catering costs and will also help make your guests feel a part of your special day.

Get Snappy Happy!

Booking a wedding photographer is probably on top of your to do list. Professionals can lead to being very expensive especially if they are there for the most part of the day. Hiring an amateur photographer is a quick way of reducing costs; trainee photography students are a great alternative as they know how to capture the day with class but don’t come with that giant price tag. If you still want the professional touch then how about only hiring the photographer for the morning and ceremony, come the evening when the reception is in full flow, have disposable cameras dotted around the tables in order for your guests to take control. The outcome will be a lot more fun, personal and let’s face it, the photo's will be very amusing to look back on.

Keeping It In The Family

In today’s market opting for brand new wedding rings doesn't come cheap. Nowadays going down the vintage and rustic look is a popular trend when it comes to planning a wedding. How about using old family heirlooms as a way to keep the cost down? Wearing a wedding ring that has been passed down (hopefully all being successful marriages), not only brings a more personal touch to the special day but also is very romantic and saves a few bucks too.. a winner all round!

 When planning your wedding, be sure to check the weather and make sure that you are fully prepared with windproof umbrellas just in case the day takes a turn, the brollies will save the day!

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