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It's Autumn, It's Raining It's Brolly Time!

With last weeks storm hitting the UK hard and wreaking all sorts of havoc up and down the country, umbrellas everywhere were braving the rain and the wind! With the rain still pouring down all over the country though, now seems like a good time to go through some of our most popular Jollybrolly's and special offers currently available online!

Large Umbrellas
If a normal sized umbrella just isn't quite big enough, you can opt for one of our large umbrellas. Our golf umbrellas are extremely popular, suitable for one or two people and have a shaft length of approximately 95cm with a massive canopy span of approximately 120cm. They also come in a variety of colours including green, red, purple, orange and green in addition to the traditional blue, white and black.

Pink and Purple Umbrellas
Our good old plain Jollybrolly's are proving as popular as ever with all this autumnal weather about! We have a range of bright colours if you want to be a little bit different, and we're particularly fond of our pink umbrellas and purple umbrellas, pink for girls and purple for Cadbury's chocolate - what could be better!

Other Coloured Umbrellas
Speaking of coloured umbrellas – try this one for size! This is one of our golf umbrellas and has not 1, not 2, but 16 colours arranged brilliantly on one design. This isn't as large as the others in our golf umbrella range, but it certainly is the brightest!

Clear Umbrellas
If you want to look up and see the sky, even when it's raining then our clear umbrellas are the choice for you. These are extremely popular down and we have them in a variety of colours ranging from baby pink to baby blue to red check them out here.

Special Offers
The beauty with our Jollybrolly collection is that they are low cost, good quality brollys that are totally plain and perfectly adaptable for any occasion. We're proud to say that we have sold over 500,000 in the UK alone and even supported Cliff Richards "Singing in the Rain" tour and catered for visitors at Buckingham Palace. We're currently running a special offer on our wholesale umbrellas - if you're looking for a cheap umbrella you can get 100 for just £2.50 each!. To take advantage of this offer visit the "bulk orders" page, use discount code "JU5X4S" at the checkout and voila! Wait for your brollys!

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