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Five Spooky Halloween Umbrellas

The Jollybrolly team would like to wish everyone a Happy Halloween! We love this spooky season and in the Halloween spirit we've dug around and found some truly gruesome, wicked and witchy umbrellas to show you. Just click on the links to view all the pictures on our Pinterest boards.

1. The Witch Leg Umbrella Decoration

Who knew that the humble umbrella could have so many uses in this Halloween season; this innovative individual has used their umbrellas as lighting decorations hanging from the ceiling, and then dangled some home made witches legs underneath. Genius! View them here.

2. The Creepy Cocktail Umbrella

Remember those mini umbrellas you receive when you order a cocktail away on vacation? This cool website has some on offer that have been specially customised for the spooky season with brown and pumpkin orange colouring and a cool spider web design. Couple this with a custom design cocktail like this steamy concoction and you've got a great drink for a party. View the mini drinks umbrellas here.

3. The Creepy Kids Umbrella

At Jollybrolly we've got a great selection of kids umbrellas but this custom Halloween umbrella is fab! If you're planning on going trick or treating and the British weather is being, well, British use this to keep your little ones dry as they make their rounds of the local houses. Ghosts, spiders, bats and witches hats all adorn this kids design. View it here.

4. The Frightening Light Fixture

This standard light fixture has been transformed into something much more ghoulish with plastic spiders and elaborate looking spiders webs, a fantastic decoration for a Halloween party. See it here.

5. The Custom Creepy Spider Web Umbrella

As someone with a profound and very intense fear of spiders this sends shivers down my spine! This HUGE spider design made from an umbrella is sure to scare even the hardiest Halloween party guests. If you click on the image you will be taken to a YouTube video so you can make this monstrosity yourself should you so wish. View the picture here.

These five fabulous ways of customising the traditional umbrella for Halloween are brilliant and can add that spooky touch to make the perfect party. From cocktails to lighting, get inventive with your umbrella!

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