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Spring 2017 Bridal Fashion Week

It’s that fashion-fabulous time of the year again as Spring 2017 Fashion Week took place only recently. The emerging trends from the shows range from the bizarre to the beautiful, and we’ve got them all, courtesy of The Knot, on this week’s blog.

Bridal Capes

No, we’re not talking an action man spin off or Superman vs. Batman… we’re talking real capes! Pretty capes. Bridal capes. NO bat signal. The fashion week saw lithe lace, formal fronts and shimmery shiners as add ons to already beautiful wedding dresses.

Wisped Away

Remember the free, flowing dresses of the 90’s? We referenced them in our wedding dresses through the ages post here. Wispy feathers were seen from designers this year for 2017, sticking out of dresses to create a pretty, textured effect. Just keep them away from your pet cats…

Flying High

The long lace collar is making a come back in a selection of more formal dresses. Pretty, sleek and stylish this trend is classy, sharp and infinitely sheek.

Riding Low

In total contrast to the high collar trend we also saw very low, plunging necklines. Perhaps helped along by celebrity culture this year where low necklines and risqué dresses have been in fashion (think Beyonce and Met Gala), these dresses manage to stay classy, despite showing a bit of extra skin.

Streamer Sleeves

As long as you’re ultra aware and don’t accidentally dip your extended sleeve into a drink or canapé, this trend can help you complete the fairy tale, ethereal look with your wedding dress. Cinderella eat your heart out – happily ever after is alive and well in the real world too.


Bows are back! We’ve seen wedding dresses with bows at the back, bows at the side, bows on the front, bows up high and bows down low… in essence, one placed almost anywhere on your wedding dress is guaranteed to put you seriously on-trend next year!

If you want to complete next years on-trend look with a custom or bridal umbrella… you know exactly where to look

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