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Stag and Hen Do trends in 2016

It’s an honour to be asked to be best man or maid-of-honour for your friends or family, but it can also be a nerve racking experience trying to organise the best possible stag or hen party possible, with also one-upmanship going on; you may feel obliged to try and beat other stag dos your mates and the bride and groom-to-be have been on in the past.

Below you will find a list of current trends when it comes to these send-offs for the soon to be married couple, helping you to make it the best time ever.

Stag Trends

  • Bubble Football - Also known as Zorb Football has been a huge hit for stag parties in 2015 and has continued to be in 2016, with most people under the age of 40 having a go. Guys love a kick about and this adds an extra fun element to the game that is already adored by men across the country.
  • Deep Sea Fishing - Not for weak stomached stag parties, and heavy drinking the night before is not advisable due to the rough seas. Deep sea fishing is becoming popular, especially with the stag party who love fishing already. Shark fishing is seasonable and you have to put them back in the water, but what a story it will make compared to “we got hammered in Blackpool.”
  • Zombie Survival – With zombies being popular, even more so nowadays thanks to The Walking Dead and other popular movies and TV shows, this is one activity to get the heart rate going. You have air soft guns and are sent off shooting up real life Zombies in dark and creepy buildings such as abandoned shopping centres. It may be fake but you will soon forget that once they start running at you.
  • Multiple Cities – Visiting multiple cities over a few days is fast becoming popular, think Berlin, Prague and Warsaw.
  • Endurance Event – getting covered in mud and running through electric fences doesn’t sound like too much fun, but events like ‘Tough Mudder’ have become hugely popular in the last few years and now stag parties are frequently turning up to these events.


Hen Trends

  • Escape Room - Push your mind to its limits as you try to escape a locked room with your hens before time runs out. You and your team will come face to face with brain teasers and puzzles.
  • Dance Classes – Hugely popular for a few years now but modern twists are thrown in constantly. Try your hand at ‘Flash Mobbing’ where you and your group will learn a dance before you go and unveil it to the world in a large public place. You will likely be busting out ‘Thriller’ moves in a busy shopping centre!
  • Catamaran Cruise – A bit of an indulgence, but still hugely popular and affordable between a big group of you. Take in the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean whilst enjoying a delicious cocktail before partying the night away in Barcelona.
  • Spa Day – Consider a spa weekend with your friends and loved ones, you can have whole weekends just pampering yourselves, rent a cottage or two with your group and indulge in a spa weekend, and when the treatments end for the day, pop open the champagne and enjoy delicious food and each other’s company.
  • Takayo - A unique and elegant hen party experience, Takayo is London’s only Kimono-themed event making for a truly individual hen party. Guests can dress up in beautifully-designed Kimonos, wear delicate hair ornaments and immerse themselves in Japanese culture whilst taking part in a traditional tea ceremony.


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Photo by: Garry Knight

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