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Where To Start When Wanting To Take Up Golf

Do you want to take up golf? Great! In the beginning, many would-be golfers can feel quite intimidated. Newcomers to any sport can feel as if they’re going to be told off for wearing the wrong clothes, breaking the club rules, look stupid, or just get in everyone’s way. This is possibly truer of golf because of its prestigious reputation. But never fear, we’ve got a few tips to get you started.

First of all, how do you grip a golf club? Top tip: look online for videos that will show you. Basically, if you’re a right-hander, you’ll grip the club in front of you, and then with your left hand, place your palm against the other side and wrap your fingers around. When it comes to putting, checking out online videos is recommended. You’ll find out about a pendulum swing, where you keep squared shoulders, with the shaft of the putter in line with your arms; neither above them or below. With practice, this will feel natural.

Chipping the golf ball is something you’ll need to do if you miss landing your ball on the green. Again, video golf tutorials are your best bet here, but it basically involves centring the golf ball in front of you and between your feet. Then you’ll want to move your body weight to the front, and allow the shape of the club to carry the ball into the air. All being well, you could be back on track after this shot.

The irons are the golf clubs designed to take the ball the distance. They have a sweet spot, which should come into play right at the bottom of your swing. The balance of weight between your two feet should be 60/40, and the ball should be hit on the way down, rather than up. It’s different when you’re using a driver, where you want an even balance between your two feet, and the ball to be hit on a slightly upward swing.

Your new golfing game will definitely be helped by a bit of coaching or direction from an experienced golfing friend. You could take a bucket of balls to a driving range for some experience between games, and even find out if there’s a golfing professional at your local course for some expert guidance. But check online for some basic golf coaching videos if you just want to make sure you save face on the course and know one end of a club from the other. Pretty soon you’ll have a game that’s relaxing, rewarding and lots of fun.

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