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How To Stay Stylish In The Wet And Windy Weather

Even when it's raining, you still want to look your best, especially if you’re off to a wedding, graduation or other formal occasion where you’re meeting people and wanting to make a good impression.

But when you see the dark rainclouds hovering and your summery wardrobe choice seems like it’s about to be a bad idea, how can you keep your sense of style without getting drowned out? Here are some ideas.

The first suggestion we have for you is to consider wearing layers when the weather is a bit iffy. You’ll be able to remove what you need to when the temperature hots up, and put it on again if it gets a bit breezy. If a sudden deluge means that one item of clothing has you soaked to the skin, having a spare layer folded away in your bag could mean you can find something to get warm and dry again.

Some fabrics are just going to keep the moisture on board and take ages to dry. Denim and suede are major culprits, so if you want to look smart think carefully about your shoes and accessories and go for something water resistant, such as leather. If you have a smart long raincoat or trenchcoat, you’ll look great whatever the weather.

Some people long for rainfall so they can wear that favourite coat. Just make sure its well fitting and in a colour that suits you, and looks contemporary. Go for a well made pair of boots that complement the look, and you’ll not only keep the weather safely outside, you’ll also look smart and classy.

Of course an umbrella is going to be a big help too. Different styles will help in different ways. A bubble umbrella is a great choice for you to feel completely wrapped around with rain protection and hidden inside.

But if this is a bit too much of a statement for you, go for a well-made umbrella in a style and colour you love. Quality umbrellas will ensure they don’t fly inside out with the sudden gush of wind, and your hair can stay dry.

No one should be intimidated by a rainy day when they want to look good. Just grab your wet weather gear and go and strut your stuff!

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