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How To Still Play And Enjoy Golf In The Winter

Wet weather golfers don’t need to give up their sport during the winter months. There are so many ways you can continue to practice your shots and enjoy the sport even if the rain is falling. Here are just a few ideas for golf in winter.

If it really is so wet you can’t bear the thought of leaving the warmth of the indoors, how about a chipping net to allow you to work on your shots in the comfort of your own home. In fact, a chipping net could be the perfect golf accessory for your office in quiet moments, and you could even get a portable putting green, just to fine tune those golf shots ready for when you get back on the course.

All those spare moments you spend honing your game should pay dividends when the sun comes out and you can play for real again. Alternatively, many people enjoy the shelter of the practice range where they can hit shots under cover, without needing to play a full round.

Of course, there’s no reason why you can’t keep playing in the rain. Get yourself a decent golf umbrella and you’ll be ready to go out and play a round without even waiting for the better weather. That’s a great option if you live somewhere where the weather isn’t always consistent, or if you fancy a game on a day where the clouds haven't made up their mind yet.

And if all those ideas sound a bit too much like hard work, perhaps it’s time to invest in a golf DVD or book so that you can read around the subject with a cup of tea in hand, rather than needing to get drenched. Even the pro golfers often prefer to keep their game for fairer days, so it doesn’t mean you’re not a serious player.

But for a final suggestion - and here’s our favourite - even during the winter months, there’s always a golf range somewhere in the world where the sun is shining. So book a flight and find that place of your dreams to take a well-earned golfing holiday. That way you can play all year round without a drop of rain.

Treat yourself to a destination you haven’t been before, and you’ll have all the fun of golf with the chance for a tan while you’re there!

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