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How To Stop Your Beach Umbrella From Flying Away

The thought of an umbrella flying away in the breeze on the beach sounds like comedy material for a scene in a 1970s British sitcom doesn’t it. It’s not necessarily a serious issue for most of us, although around the world occasionally some serious injuries have resulted from beach umbrellas coming adrift. More to the point though, it’s frustrating when you find your spot on the beach and you can’t stop your beach umbrella from tumbling over just when you’re settled. Here are our top tips.

The first thing to say is that a beach umbrella is not the same as a patio umbrella. One of them is mounted in a table or a base, and tends to be far heavier. That's a patio umbrella, and it's not the kind of umbrella you’re going to want to carry to your favourite sunbathing spot, to sink it into the sand. Make sure you choose the right umbrella for the right purpose and you’ll have a lot more success at making it stable. A dedicated beach umbrella will have a pointed end, be lighter weight (though not so light it doesn’t anchor itself into the ground adequately) and might even have a specialised ‘anchor’ with it, which is like an additional part that gets screwed in the sand below the surface, so the umbrella itself fits securely.

When you’re putting your beach umbrella in place, make sure you start with it closed rather than open to the elements, or you could find yourself sailing off into the sea before you know it. Beach umbrellas tend to have a removable pole so that you can plant it firmly before adding the canopy. That’s a secret not everyone knows!

You’ll want to push, and rock and circle the pole into place, right down into the wetter sand where the grip will be much sturdier. One or two feet below the surface should do it. And then backfill the hole and pack it firmly. Once it’s in place, put some hefty bags on the top, and don’t try adjusting it or digging around the edge. Just leave it be.

You can give it an occasional check over the next hour or so, especially if there’s a strong wind. But other than that, it’s best to leave it well alone. If you wander off for a while, maybe go off for a paddle, close your umbrella safely.

With those few rules and guidelines, you can grab your beach umbrella this weekend and go and enjoy some quality time in the shade, without fear of that comedy moment....

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