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Stop worrying about whether a winter wedding is for you

Planning a wedding can be stressful enough, regardless of which season you decide to choose. However, if you are a little worried that a winter wedding will leave you restricted in terms of themes, venues and flowers, you can stop, because we’re here to set you straight on these silly winter wedding myths.

  1. You can’t have an outdoor ceremony

This is certainly not true, there are many facilities available to cater for an outdoor winter wedding. Although the weather may be a little more unpredictable, you can put precautionary measures in place to free yourself of weather worries. Prepare your guests with outdoor heating, mugs of hot tea and rain cover just in case, why not shop you’re your umbrellas online and save yourself the hassle? Make sure you inform them of the outdoor occasion however so that they can dress appropriately!

  1. You won’t be able to have outdoor photographs

Again, not true. Of course you can take as many pictures inside as you like, but you will certainly be able to venture outside, although you may want to keep this photoshoot on the shorter side if it is particularly cold! If it’s raining, adding a red, white or black umbrella to your photoshoot can create unique and quirky photos that will certainly be remembered forever!

  1. Your guests won’t want to attend a winter wedding

We’re not sure quite how this myth came about, as winter is known as a party season, when everyone loves to dress up in their finest clothes and celebrate the nights away – a wedding is no exception! A winter wedding will give your guests something to look forward to in the colder months, plus, statistics show that people are overall less busy in the winter, so that may result in more of your guests being able to attend!

  1. You won’t have as big of variety of flowers to choose from

The winter season offers a different variety of flowers to those commonly found in the summertime, however, most florists will still be able to import whatever flowers you dream of having for your special day, the only downside is they may be a little pricier!

  1. You’ll have to have a winter theme

Yes, a winter wonderland theme can be quite magical and majestic, however it is not the be all and end all of winter wedding themes. You can still choose to have whatever colour scheme and theme you wish, after all, the day is all about you, so why should you let the seasons restrict your choices?

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