Car shares and even bicycle shares are just a few of the money saving and environmental schemes to have swept Britain in the last few years.

Any guesses on what eco-sharing initiative will be next? It’s umbrellas.

Three students from British Columbia University in Vancouver have come up with a brolly sharing scheme so that no one on campus gets left out in the rain. It’s called UmbraCity, and it allows students, staff members and even the public to borrow an umbrella from multiple locations scattered across the campus. For a rainy city like Vancouver, this could be pretty useful.

All you have to do is sign up for free online or at one of the kiosks that are set up around the campus. Then the brolly is all yours for maximum of 48 hours. If the umbrella isn’t returned after this time your credit card will be charged $2 each day. The maximum charge is $20, but if it gets that far you might as well just keep the brolly!

It’s a similar principle to the bicycle share schemes that have become popular across the country. In fact co-founder Amir Entezari said that he hopes the technology used by UmbraCity can be used for many other objects, such as helmets and phone chargers.

Aside from being ultra-useful, UmbraCity also is also environmentally minded. The company even recycles broken umbrellas into shopping bags.

UmbraCity picks up an idea already employed by Kinosaki in Japan, where visitors can pick up a free brolly when they need them. The whole system is paid with using donations and based on trust.

However it might be a while until this scheme catches on in rainy Britain. If this sharing initiative has yet to appear on a street corner near you then take a look at our range of colourful, durable and branded umbrellas.