Although the big outdoor world can be a scary place, especially for those parents with younger children, it is important to face your fears and get the kids out and about on a regular basis. A recent study found that children who play outdoors had better health and were better at forming relationships between children their own age and those a little older.

With kids over the age of 5 it is recommended for them to have at least two hours of energetic play every day, and if this can be outside at least a few times a week then your children could reap the benefits.

Statistics Canada noted that playing outdoors often has been linked with children forming better friendships and having less problems with their peers, as this gives them somewhat of an appreciation of the outdoors. This is combined with the change on environment that is very different from being indoors, offering new and exciting challenges to them all.  Playing outdoors seems to help children to develop both interaction and communication, as well as helping them to regulate and control their strong emotions, particularly in community areas such as playgrounds and parks.

The physical activities outside can also help the kids to build up a resilience to sickness, bumps and bruises, and the cold. By letting them explore the environment it helps their bodies to adapt to different needs, such as fighting bacteria and the cold. In the long-term, by taking your kids outside regularly, and letting them get a little mucky, you are helping their bodies to develop and fight to prevent future illnesses.

Although the weather has now taken a turn for the colder, wetter month, this should not stop you from getting out and about. Just ensure that you wrap up appropriately, and if the weather is pouring get out the trusty kid’s umbrellas, wellington boots and rain macs and make the most of the wonderful season. A bit of fresh air could do you all a world of good, so get out and enjoy the great outdoors this Autumn!