If your longterm dream is a summer wedding, you may have in mind a Hollywood location, with beams of sunlight casting romantic shadows on all your guests, as you’re whisked away by the man or woman of your dreams and the chamber orchestra strikes up while the credits roll…. Sounds lovely. But let’s get real for a second, and bust some of the common myths around a summer wedding.

Even if it’s August on a glorious day, your summer wedding doesn’t have to happen outdoors, you know. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t pick a shady indoor area to avoid any searing heat. Your guests could even thank you for it. If you don’t want to be by the beach, you could easily go for any number of wedding destinations in the heart of the city, or in a striking building. Don’t be ruled by people’s expectations.

How about the colour scheme? If you think that a summer wedding definitely means warm yellows, cheery oranges, and warmer shades of sky blue shot with light pastel hues, then how about this. Consider going for colours that buck the trend of the season. There’s no reason you can’t pick monotones, strong black, richer, or darker shades, for a more intense effect. Deeper tones can be stunning in the summer, so experiment and don’t just assume you have to dress a certain way. The photos will be stunning.

Summer weddings are always strewn with daisies, as young and beautiful guests picnic in the grass, and queue at quirky hot dog stands and ice cream vans, right? Not necessarily. You can go completely top hat and tails with a sit-down dinner if you like. Yes, you might want to tailor things to avoid overheating if the temperature rises, but having a summer wedding doesn’t mean you have to plan things to be informal if you don’t want to.

As we always say, your wedding is your own, and you’re free to choose whatever, whenever and however it goes. During the summer months, those rules still apply. Anything goes - even umbrellas in the sunshine if you need a few light parasols to guard your guests against the heat or brightness. And we all know that weather can’t always be predicted anyway, so even if you’re expecting your summer wedding to fit all the stereotypes, there’s no guarantee.

Have a lovely day, and make it you-shaped, with all those predictable myths of summer weddings bust right open.