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Is Your Summer Wedding Just Around The Corner, Here Are The Best Non-Alcoholic Drinks To Serve.

Are you having your wedding in the height of summer? Then you’ll want some imaginative ideas for drinks. Everyone’s going to be thirsty, but not everyone is going to want to 'drink,' so it’s a great idea to come up with a really decent alternative to booze. Here are just a few ideas that will work for weddings in the summer months.

As a basic, make up some cucumber water. If you do this the day before, the water has time to take on the subtle flavour, and you can get the water cooled and fresh ahead of time. Have some plain water too, in case people prefer it, but cucumber water is a classy way to keep people hydrated. If cucumber doesn’t do it for you, how about adding a few berries or citrus slices instead to still or sparkling water.

Make some punch. At summer weddings, everyone loves punch, and it’s an easy way to get creative with child-friendly, non-alcoholic refreshment. Have a basic lemonade or soda as the main ingredient, and then add fresh or frozen fruit. You could add some lemon and sherbet to sharpen it up a bit. Taste it before you serve.

Have you thought about more unusual combinations, like using basil with strawberries? It’s a more sophisticated twist on an everyday fruit. Another mix you might not have tried is pineapple and ginger ale. Go for a strong ginger flavour for best results.

Iced Tea is another staple favourite drink for summer weddings. Mint will really help to lighten the taste and wake up the palate. And watermelon is another fruit that’s easy to blend with lime and sugar. You could also serve slices of chilled watermelon as an alternative.

A really fun idea is to have your own non-alcoholic cocktail bar so that guests can help themselves to their favourite mixes. It’s worth having someone to supervise this, but you can easily provide a whole range of flavours and fruits, sparkling water and sweet lemonade, and invite everyone to pick their own. Slices of ginger, lemon, orange and sprigs of mint, will help to top it off. And if you like, have some cocktail umbrellas and straws on hand.

Weddings in the summer are a great day out, but staying hydrated is a key for guests of all ages. It keeps them healthy, sociable, and happy to stay around and socialise rather than having to leave early because of the heat. Drivers, children, and people in general will welcome options other than alcohol. So be creative with your drinks and make the most of the sun!

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