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Summer Or Winter Wedding? The Pros And Cons

If you’ve just gotten engaged, chances are you’re thinking of one thing - setting a wedding date. No doubt you’ll want to avoid splashing out on wedding umbrellas if possible, but the Great British weather is just so unpredictable these days!

So when is the best time to have your wedding? Do you play it safe and go for summer when the weather should be better, or winter when more people are likely to be able to make it?

Summer Wedding

With so many decisions to make in the build-up to your wedding day, worrying about the weather and wedding umbrellas will be pretty far down the list - so why not avoid the worry altogether and organise a summer wedding? British summertime brings longer days and warmer weather, which in turn makes better wedding photos.

You’ll also give you and your guests a lot more choice on what they wear to your big day. You won’t have to fork out for wedding umbrellas either (well you shouldn’t have to!). Furthermore, the list of possible venues is almost endless for a summer wedding - hotel, castle, church, marquee, indoor, outdoor etc.

On the downside, an outdoor summer wedding leaves you vulnerable to the elements. Investing in wedding umbrellas can help to avoid wet guests, but bad weather is not going to be pleasant regardless. It’s also more likely that some of your guests will be abroad on their holidays, so don’t forget to factor that in.

Winter Wedding

Choosing to have your wedding in the winter is brave move, but not as unpopular as you might think. Everything will instantly be a lot more cosy and romantic for starters - think about if it snows! You could have the perfect white wedding with some truly amazing photos to match.

You’re also a lot more likely to have a full guest list as more people will be around in the colder winter months. You could even go one step further and book a date close to Christmas so schools and work have already ended for the year - bonus! If you’re getting married on a budget, a winter wedding could be the answer.

On the other hand however, the weather could be bad, potentially awful. If the weather does take a turn for the worst in plenty of time, you can at least plan for it by grabbing some wedding umbrellas and making sure your venue is as waterproof as possible. Flooding is unlikely but a possibility if your wedding is in December or January when the weather in the UK is generally at its worst.

So there you have it. Both summer and winter weddings come with their positives and negatives - you’ll just have to decide which one is for you!

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