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Celebrities you didn’t know were actually married!

Everyone likes celebrity gossip, don’t they? Mix that with weddings and the news spreads like wildfire. However, there are wedding stories that, surprisingly, stay hidden from the press until the celebrities themselves reveal them, take the recent marriage of Anna Seyfried for example! If, like us, you thought you knew which celebs had tied the knot, see how many of the following celebrity weddings had passed you by.

First off, let's start with Anna Paquin, former child star and Academy Award winner turned star of X-men and True Blood. Anna got married in 2010 to True Blood vampire, Stephen Moyer. Yes, they're married in real life!

Next, remember when you were watching the America version of The Office and the character of Carol Stills turned up and had a brief romantic relationship with Steve Carrell’s Michael Scott character? They were already married in real life. Nancy and Steve Carrell's wedding was in 1995, and they have two children. Did you know?

How about Ashton Kutcher? Famously married to Bruce Willis’s ex Demi Moore, Ashton got married again in 2015 to star of That 70s Show, and Family Guy, Mila Kunis. (Although, this one may be the easiest on our list!).

How are we doing? Any of those weddings news to you? If not, how about this? Some say that marriage is destiny. Well, for the character, Destiny, in Finding Dory, marriage is definitely part of her life. Kaitlin Olson was secretly dating her soul mate for many years before they got officially hitched in 2008. Her husband, Rob McElhenney, is a movie and television star (It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, for example) and he even turned up as ‘Aldo’ in two episodes of Lost. They also have two children... who'd have thought?

Finally, how about acclaimed actress Carey Mulligan? She played Daisy Buchanan in The Great Gatsby, starring Leonardo DiCaprio. It's okay; you didn't miss Carey getting married to Leo. (In fact, if Leo is married at all, that one’s passed us by too!) But she is married to the lead vocalist of rock band Mumford & Sons, Marcus Mumford.

Well, well. Now you know the latest celebrity wedding updates, you can get back to planning your own big day, picking out the flower arrangements, the wedding umbrellas and the bride maid's dresses.

Maybe one day the world will be talking about your beautiful day too...

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