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How to Survive A Rainy Summer... In Style!

Summer is well and truly underway here in the UK, although we as Brits never tend to hold much hope for our summer months since the weather is so unpredictable. This annoyance makes deciding what to wear in the morning a bit more tricky; we all want to wear our summer clothes and sunglasses, but the rain says it's wellies over flip flops today! To help you survive the unexpected downpour days, we've put together some top tips to looking great in the rain.

Layer Up The Layers!

Layering isn’t exactly the newest news, however it is still worth repeating. For our British 'summer', layering is key. Wearing lots of lightweight layers that can easily be pulled off and put back on again when needed is often the best option. It's also great that this style is still hovering round the high-street and it doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere either!

Be Clever With Your Footwear:

When you’re rocking out at a festival it’s more than acceptable to wear a summer dress with wellies but I'm not sure your colleagues at the office would be too impressed if you came in dressed the same! On really miserable days, your best bet is to take your work shoes with you in a separate bag and wear your wellies/suitable trainers for the commute. On 'drizzley' days, we advise leaving the suede shoes at home and opting for patent shoes instead. If you have children, there's nothing better than having them rock the ‘Jelly Shoe’ that we all had growing up.

Be Prepared With An Umbrella(s):

Here at JollyBrolly umbrellas are second nature. Annoyingly, we know umbrellas can be very easy things to lose or misplace. To be on the safe side it’s better to have a few dotted around; one in the handbag, one in the car etc. as you never know when the rain might show it's face. Bright and colourful brollies are always a nice touch to brighten up the dull and grey days, or opt for a smart and sophisticated brolly to coordinate with your work attire.

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