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How To Survive The Last Of The Winter Blues

Sunny days are the stuff of proverbs. Everyone feels so much happier when the sun is shining, and even the tricky things of life take on a different feel when they have that warm weather glow. But unless you live in a place where it's sunny all year round, you’ll need to face the winter blues and do your best to keep your chin up. Here are some tips from us.

The first thing is not to focus too much on the weather. After all, some people go through their entire lives without much sunshine, and yet they manage. When its time to wake up, don’t let the weather outside tempt you to stay under the duvet. Up you get, with the intention to make this day a great one. Don’t snooze the hours away hoping things will change.

Once you step outside the door, the chances are you’ll find its more refreshing and rejuvenating than you expected. Wrap up warm, have some gloves and a decent umbrella, maybe even a hat and scarf, but then stride out confidently and see what the world has in store today. With that umbrella, you’ll be okay even if the rain pours, but you’ll definitely be okay with the grey clouds.

Think about what you’re wearing. Take a colourful umbrella to cheer everyone up - it doesn’t have to be black. Happy, bright-toned clothes are a good way to keep your mood enhanced and kid yourself that you’re on your way to the poolside later for a summer cocktail.

If you really are a sufferer of Seasonal Depression, consider getting a specialist light to give yourself that psychological and emotional boost that natural sunlight brings. Some people swear by these and find it gives them additional energy and pizzazz.

Resist the temptation to comfort eat. Fats and sugar are easy to indulge in when you’re feeling slightly blue, and a big tub of ice-cream is the go-to of many people when they’re just a bit below par, but eat well and only indulge occasionally, and you’ll thank yourself for it in the spring.

Remember that winter doesn’t last forever. You’re going to find yourself emerging into the sunlight very soon, and when that happens you’ll have done yourself a favour if you’ve kept yourself reasonably active, sociable, happy and industrious so that you’re not using the good weather to remedy your bad habits.

You can beat the winter blues if you just walk yourself through those tips.

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