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Symbolic umbrella awaits visit from the Pope.

As you may know, the Pope is currently embarking on a historical pastoral tour across the globe, which began in January of this year. His whereabouts are being covered fully by the media and his itinerary is easily accessible across a range of popular social media platforms.

A colour picture of Pope Francis.

The arrival of Pope Francis has, so far, been met with excitement, delight, honour and a showering of gifts, events and celebrity parties. However, one USA state has a more symbolic idea when meeting with the Pope.

Displayed near the altar of the Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, located in Conewago Township, lies a red and yellow umbrella. The object appears an unusual item to display in such a scared building however, the unique item offers a symbolic representation of the church’s special relationship with the Pope, and also identifies that the Basilica is ready for the Pope to visit, come rain or shine.

The papal umbrella is perfectly placed in the church, just slightly to the left of the altar, and is ready to shield the Pope from the sun, should he decide to visit.

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Image: available via Creative Commons

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